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Conservation in Cuba: Students Examine Sustainability in 'Accidental E

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Conservation in Cuba: Students Examine Sustainability in 'Accidental Eden'

Deprived of these supplies, Cubans returned to more natural agricultural methods, leading to significant growth in organic farming and eco-friendly ...

Kenya farming's organic new wave (VIDEO)

As David Pollard reports, some like Anthony Munene are practising organic farming techniques to boost food output and become self-sustainable.

Grit and grace: Female Farmer Project reinvents traditional image of farming

FARMER JANYA VERANTH has updates for Audra Mulkern. .... touched, included a neighboring Carnation farmer and a small-scale organic farmer ...

Organic Farming Opportunity

We are a small organic farm near rochester going into our 4th year. We raise pigs, turkeys, chickens, rabbits and over an acre of vegetables. We use ...

Land bridges linking ancient India and Eurasia were 'freeways' for biodiversity exchange

During that gradual voyage, the subcontinent saw a blossoming of exceptional wildlife, and when the trove of unique biodiversity finally made contact ...

Losing weight with a high-protein diet can help adults sleep better

The other co-authors are Jung Eun Kim, a postdoctoral research associate in nutrition science; Cheryl Armstrong, a research associate in nutrition ...

These Fukushima residents are determined to reclaim their land from nuclear radiation

It is exactly the same emotion that guided 28-year-old Mizuho Sugeno to come back to Fukushima and resume her organic farming. Sugeno had just ...

Biodiversity Photographers/Movie Producers in Brazil
1. Biodiversity Photographers/Movie Producers in Brazil. 2. Organic farm hosts new tour. 3. Nature Foundation Researches Impact on the Environment of Proposed Sewage Treatment Plant .... more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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Organic healthy environment, biodiversity, soil

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