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Holistic Health Coach on Five Simple Rules to Shopping for Healthy Foo

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Holistic Health Coach on Five Simple Rules to Shopping for Healthy Food

To start organic produce is different than conventional produce because it's not sprayed with pesticides or chemicals, organic produce is grown ...

4 reasons organic animal products cost more

While there are debates and concerns about whether the U.S. Department of Agriculture laws for organic production are better for animal welfare, let's ...

New floating island created at Eastbourne's Motcombe Gardens

“Now the floating island is in place, we will be carrying out further works to enhance the biodiversity over the next few months. These will provide a ...

Stacy Bates Named Retail Dietitian Of The Year

Bates received a bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science and her master's degree in Human Sciences with a minor in Adult Education from Texas A&M ...

Can birds and wind farms peacefully co-exist in a low-carbon future?

In one scenario, the researchers even suggest the UK could expand its onshore wind capacity up to six-fold, with minimal impact on biodiversity.

New Species of Quill Mite Is an Ectoparasite of Owls

“The number of syringophilid species (currently 334 described species) is only a small part of their actual biodiversity, as a wide spectrum of the avian ...

Herbalife Sponsors Four National Olympic Committees at Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympic Games

Herbalife's full range of quality sports nutrition products is backed by science and used by more than 190 of its sponsored athletes around the world.

Natura 2000 Award winners announced

The Reconciling Interests/Perception Award goes to the project Creating green corridors for biodiversity under high-tension lines between Belgium ...

Environment and development should be parallel to preserve biodiversity, says Environment ...

On International Biodiversity Day, May 22, the National Biodiversity Authority under the Ministry of Environment organised a gathering in Mumbai.

Michelle Obama's 'Added Sugars' Label Not Backed By Science

Scientists however are now criticizing the new regulation. ... As nutrition scientists and health professionals, we feel this is of significant concern.".

Zensar Foundation brings together 'urban gardeners' to mark International Day for Biodiversity

This was done at the Udaan Biodiversity Park in Vimannagar, which is maintained by the foundation, a public charitable trust operating under Zensar ...

Wild Mull

Developing cooperative community-based action to enhance biodiversity and help Mull's wildlife, community and visitors to benefit each other.

International Biodiversity Day observed
1. International Biodiversity Day observed. 2. Scientists declare GMs safe, but more research needed. 3. Biodiversity Professor's work with British Ecological Society to debut at Chelsea Flower Show. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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