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Local-food focused credit project in Maine seeks pay dirt where others

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Local-food focused credit project in Maine seeks pay dirt where others just see dirt

organic farming - The credit union would serve Maine's small farmers. ... thinks his operation could benefit from a credit union dedicated to small, organic Maine farms.

Creative MIDORI Prize Winners Sustain Biodiversity

organic farming - Dr. Shiva founded Navdanya, a network of seed keepers and organic producers spread across 18 states in India that provides training on sustainable ...

5 States That Grow the Most Organic Food Per Acre

organic farming - A new report has found that U.S. land for organic farming reached 4.1 million acres in 2016, a new record and an 11 percent increase compared to ...

Organic Farming 2017

organic farming - Position: Organic Farm Paid Interns (4 positions) Type: full-time weekly base salary plus room and board, more (see below) Farm: Abundant Acres ...


3rd Science for Biodiversity Forum

biodiversity - It will allow stakeholders to exchange experiences and discuss mainstreaming biodiversity in key economic sectors, including agriculture, fisheries, ...

Civil Society and Youth Alliances for Mainstreaming Biodiversity to Well-being Forum

biodiversity - Organized by the Government of Mexico through the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources and the Reforestamos México, A.C., ...

Public Panel on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Held in Montreal

biodiversity - “We're losing biodiversity at an increasing rate,” Braulio explained. “Extinction rate is more than a 1,000 times higher than it was before the Industrial ...


biodiversity - Significance. Fertilization mechanisms explain broad patterns in the taxonomic distribution of diversity in marine animals, as argued previously for land ...

plant science

Getting to the root of it: Predicting root biomass with electrical capacitance

plant science - For scientists, an understanding of root morphology is of tremendous ... Applications in Plant Sciences (APPS) is a monthly, peer-reviewed, open ...

Health of Muskoka lakes depends on more than just...

plant science - Leonard Lake has been an important part of the family history for over 100 years. Ken Holds a PhD in Plant Science, and was formerly the director for ...

Cosgrove awarded the inaugural Masatoshi Nei Innovation Prize in Biology

plant science - “Not only is Dan a giant within plant biology,” said Tracy Lankilde, professor and head of the Department of Biology at Penn State, “but his research ...

Annual 4-H Achievement Barbecue a success

plant science - ... Textiles; David Thompson (O) – Poultry; Jamie Graff (G) – Rabbits; Heath Keiser (G) – Plant Science; and Morgan Schroeder (C) – Wood Science.

Organic foods that aren't worth organic prices
1. Organic foods that aren't worth organic prices. 2. biodiversity - 1st International Agro-Biodiversity Congress kicks off. 3. plant science - Professor's article in plant science journal. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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Renewable Energy; Biodiversity; Organic Food; Soil, Plant Science

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