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Why not produce Organic Milk ?

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Why not produce Organic Milk ?

organic farming - Recently I got a chance to visit a small city in Karnataka where Organic Milk is produced by a group of farmers under the direction and guidance of Dr ...

Raj: Rs 3500 crore-worth of MoUs to be signed at GRAM

organic farming - "Rajasthan has successfully cultivated olives and a refinery has been set-up and results are encouraging," Raje said, asking farmers to opt for organic ...

Soil guru brings 'regenerative' farming message to Scotland

organic farming - However Mr Sait emphasised he was not speaking about conventional organic farming. “That's an old school concept which is based on less inputs ...

Farming to resume in Methran Kayal after a decade

organic farming - The company have decided to adhere strictly to organic farming and have assigned a certified organic farming consultant for an eco-friendly paddy ...


Cyclist will travel 6000 miles through South America on a bamboo bicycle

biodiversity - Dr. Kate Rawles is an environmental philosopher who hopes to travel from Costa Rica to Cape Horn, exploring the topic of biodiversity loss.

Keeping warming below 1.5℃ is possible - but we can't rely on removing carbon from the ...

biodiversity - This idea is increasingly being called out as a risky and “highly speculative” strategy to limit warming to 1.5℃, as it puts food security and biodiversity ...

Should genetically modified organisms be part of our conservation efforts?

biodiversity - The SGSV is the global apex of agricultural biodiversity conservation, an approach to conservation where collections of diverse seed samples are kept ...

Visitors to countryside not attracted by conservation importance

biodiversity - "But biodiversity conservation must be justified by the intrinsic value of nature and by the undeniable fact that huge numbers of the public want to see ...

plant science


plant science - The IMPRS is intended for highly motivated students with a strong training in plant molecular sciences. The constellation of participating institutions ...

Biz deals worth Rs 100 cr likely at 3-day organic trade show
1. Biz deals worth Rs 100 cr likely at 3-day organic trade show. 2. biodiversity - Protected areas important for large animals, says study. 3. plant science - Professor Spotlight: Arthur Kneeland. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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Renewable Energy; Biodiversity; Organic Food; Soil, Plant Science

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