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The Berry of the Future Is Fed a Specialized Diet and Picked by a Robo

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The Berry of the Future Is Fed a Specialized Diet and Picked by a Robot

organic farming - Some are especially good for organic farming. Some, such as the white ones that might look unripe to Americans, are favorites in other parts of the ...

Organic farm products now available in Naval town

organic farming - NAVAL, Biliran, Nov. 16 (PIA) - Organic farm products are now available for sale at the Naval Organic Trading Post located at the Naval gymnasium ...

India And Israel Can Learn From Each Other, Says Pranab Mukherjee

organic farming - India and Israel can learn from each other in agriculture and allied sectors, where Indians are ... They have to start innovation such as organic farming.

John Klein: Living the organic, turkey-farm dream in Adair

organic farming - Angela Faughtenberry, of Adair, feeds her turkeys at 413 Farm in Adair. She has donated 25 of what she calls “beyond organic” turkeys ...


University research group discovers new alien fish species

biodiversity - ... the Mediterranean Sea, has already been published in the scientific peer-reviewed journal Marine Biodiversity Records, in a paper jointly authored ...

Urban Biodiversity and Landscape Ecology: Patterns, Processes and Planning

biodiversity - Abstract. Effective planning for biodiversity in cities and towns is increasingly important as urban areas and their human populations grow, both to ...

Indonesia's Leuser ecosystem, a treasure trove of biodiversity threatened by palm oil

biodiversity - Iep Diah still misses the forests that used to cover the gentle hills near her home in the district of Aceh Tamiang, in the north of the Indonesian island of ...

Ottawa confirmed as the biodiversity hotspot for a subfamily of wasps in North America

biodiversity - What usually comes to mind when speaking about biodiversity hotspots are tropical regions, pristine areas and magnificent forests. Meanwhile, it is ...

plant science

Pesticide industry blackballs leading researcher from safety review panel

plant science - It describes its members in rosier terms, as "distributors of crop protection chemicals and plant science solutions for agriculture and pest management ...

Spotlight is on Mrs. Miller's 5th-grade class

plant science - Fifth-graders in Ms. Miller's classroom are engaged in plant science, and — according to meteorologist Belinda Jensen — this is the longest growing ...

Scientists modify plants, making them use sunlight better

plant science - WASHINGTON: Scientists have hacked a plant's genes to make it use sunlight more efficiently — a breakthrough that could eventually dramatically ...

Soybean plants with fewer leaves yield more

plant science - Using computer model simulations, scientists have predicted that modern soybean crops produce more leaves than they need to the detriment of ...

Hydroponic, aquaponic farmers fighting for organic certification
1. Hydroponic, aquaponic farmers fighting for organic certification. 2. biodiversity - Study throws light on rich biodiversity of Iringole Kavu. 3. plant science - Photosynthesis Key To Boost Crop Yield? Scientists Tweak The Process Of Plants Converting .... more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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Renewable Energy; Biodiversity; Organic Food; Soil, Plant Science

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