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Farm Field Staff 2017

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Farm Field Staff 2017

organic farming - We are a Certified Organic Farm nestled in the Pemberton Valley among the Coast Range mountains. We grow a variety of vegetables and market ...

Hanjura consults progressive farmers on budget initiatives for agriculture sector

organic farming - JAMMU, NOVEMBER 22- Minister for Agriculture, Ghulam Nabi Lone ... of organic farming in Kishtwar district, establishment of Vegetable Mandis at ...

Food for thought, in 5 tasty GreenBiz videos

organic farming - How can organic farming scale? A panel at VERGE 2014 in San Francisco brought together experts from opposing ends of the GMO debate.

District faces drought-like situation

organic farming - In organic farming, once the water-levels drop, the ground becomes salty and yield falls. If the rain fails, I will just protect my existing banana and ...


Glowing Geckos Light the Way to Improved Biodiversity

organic farming - It turns out that if you sprinkle fluorescent dust on geckos, you can learn not only about the reptiles but also the biodiversity potential of farm land.

UN Biodiversity Conference

organic farming - The UN Biodiversity Conference 2016 will be held from 2-17 December 2016, in Cancún, Mexico. It will begin with a High-level segment, to be held ...

Mehbooba for adequate protection of wildlife, says J&K rich in biodiversity

organic farming - She said the biodiversity of the State is so rich that almost half of the mountain fauna of the world is found in Jammu and Kashmir only and asked the ...

Silent soldiers of the extreme, or why I'm glad I'm not a wild yak

organic farming - More precarious still are those species roaming beyond the Himalayas onto the Roof of the World, and on the biodiversity-rich polar isles protected ...

plant science

Integrating crops, grazing may improve soil, livestock health

organic farming - Sandeep Kumar, assistant professor in the South Dakota State University Agronomy, Horticulture and Plant Science Department, is coordinating a $4 ...

Indigenous Youth from East and West Coasts Win Forest Industry Skills Award

organic farming - Having previously earned a diploma in Plant Science from Dalhousie University, Christian is driven by an interest in forestry and land management.

Study Shows 'Cocktail' of Soil Bacteria Can Protect Rice Plants from Deadly Forces

organic farming - The findings, published in Frontiers in Plant Science, provide new evidence about the potential benefit of “biostacking”—putting multiple microbes ...

Compounds emitted by phytopathogen microbes encourage plant growth

organic farming - Compounds emitted by phytopathogen microbes encourage plant growth ... and is funded by CSIC, to promote international scientific collaboration.

The Berry of the Future Is Fed a Specialized Diet and Picked by a Robo
1. The Berry of the Future Is Fed a Specialized Diet and Picked by a Robot. 2. biodiversity - University research group discovers new alien fish species. 3. plant science - Pesticide industry blackballs leading researcher from safety review panel. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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Renewable Energy; Biodiversity; Organic Food; Soil, Plant Science

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