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organic farming - Social activists launch campaign to re-engage UK Jews through farming

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organic farming

Social activists launch campaign to re-engage UK Jews through farming

organic farming - In addition to growing organic fruit and vegetables, the farm will offer local volunteering and training programs and educational activities for children.

Climate change threat is 'real and immediate': Pranab Mukherjee

organic farming - The mission helped make organic seeds and manures widely available, helped farmers market their agricultural produce, and provided the farmers ...

Taking Root: Nonprofits Help Refugees Create New Lives through Farming

organic farming - With various farm sites throughout the city, the organization trains refugees on organic urban farming and running their own ag businesses.

Five ways to diversify your farming enterprise

organic farming - However, farmers must reach European Union organic standards and market research is required before making any decisions, Teagasc stated.


Pioneers in technology, biodiversity honored at MSU

biodiversity - Pioneers in technology and biodiversity will visit with Montana State University students on Friday, Oct. 7, as part of the annual George R. Stibitz and ...

Hunting, not deforestation, biggest threat to Southeast Asian biodiversity: Study

biodiversity - Deforestation and forest degradation are typically considered to be the most significant threats to tropical biodiversity, but a new study finds that ...

Preserve walks celebrate VA Natural Heritage Program's 30th year

biodiversity - The Natural Heritage Program's mission is to conserve Virginia's biodiversity through inventory, protection and stewardship. “Much of this we do ...

EO Wilson Inducted Into the Alabama Writers' Hall of Fame

biodiversity - The Alabama Writers Hall of Fame inducted nine authors, including E.O. Wilson, in its second class this fall. Jeanie Thompson, executive director of ...

plant science

Cannabis Plant Remains Discovered in an Ancient Tomb in China

plant science - Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient tomb from the Turpan Basin in northwest China, containing a male corpse covered with a Cannabis plant ...

Summoned by screams

plant science - As they describe in Current Biology, a vegetable called the parachute plant uses chemical signals to trick carnivorous flies into believing the insects ...

Harnessing algae for the creation of clean energy

plant science - ... Haviva Eisenberg, Iddo Weiner and Oded Liran, his students at the School of Plant Sciences and Food Security at TAU's Faculty of Life Sciences.

Small Companies in the Legal Medical Cannabis Market

plant science - Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. (OTC: GRCU), Greengro ... cannabis production, extraction and distribution, plant science research and ...

organic farming - Growing fresh and healthy food at home through aquaponics
1. organic farming - Growing fresh and healthy food at home through aquaponics. 2. biodiversity - Kailash Sacred Landscape: Pithoragarh's villages selected under project. 3. plant science - Your Brain on Ayahuasca: The Amazonian Hallucinogenic Plant Mixture. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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