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organic farming - SCCF partners with Worden Farm to bring Sanibel organic veggies

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organic farming

SCCF partners with Worden Farm to bring Sanibel organic veggies

organic farming - "We deliver the veggie boxes to central delivery points then the members just come and pick up their box and take it home," said Eva Worden, who ...

Phyllis Braun an inspiration beyond her farming legend

organic farming - Braun spoke at the Sherborn Town Hall to a group of local farmers and gardeners who were eager to hear a true pioneer in the field of organic farming ...

Radha Mohan singh_Agricultural Minister of India

organic farming - We also have schemes to promote organic farming in the country. The scheme aimsat the development of Organic Value Chain in the North East, and ...

Organic Farming in Northeast India

organic farming - After two disastrous years and several ruined harvests, Indian farmers may finally have something to look forward to as they prepare their fields for yet ...


China-Myanmar established Biodiversity Research Institute handed over to Myanmar

biodiversity - A Southeast Asia Biodiversity Research Institute (SABRI), established with the cooperation of China, was handed over to Myanmar in Nay Pyi Taw on ...

Researchers use 'robomussels' to monitor climate change

biodiversity - Tiny robots have been helping researchers study how climate change affects biodiversity. Developed by Northeastern University scientist Brian ...

Red flags over Wambo threat to quoll, parrot

biodiversity - ... off on a new open-cut coal mine in the Hunter Valley because not enough is known about what the “super mine” will do to the Hunter's biodiversity.

Rid your garden of these invaders

biodiversity - Invasive plants may look beautiful in your garden, but they can cause losses in agricultural production, harm biodiversity and have a negative impact ...

plant science

WSU seeks $97M in state funding for plant, animal research buildings

plant science - The university will seek $58.9 million for a new plant sciences building and $38.1 million for the second phase of its global animal health building.

World Food Day: Food and agriculture needs to change

plant science - Agcarm chief executive Mark Ross says, “Without plant science innovations, global crop yields would be decimated." FAO estimates that agricultural ...

Luis Duque, Ph.D.

plant science - In sweetpotato, we have examined plant-water relations, phenotypic plasticity, ... Post-doctoral Associate, Soil and Crop Sciences Section, School of ...

Bigger than ever, Cornell corpse flower poised to bloom

plant science - That year the spadix, a column-like structure in the middle of the plant, ... “It's just plant tissue, yet there is precise control of thermal biology timed to ...

organic farming - Students of DAHS, Manipal University conducted farm seminar at Hirebettu
1. organic farming - Students of DAHS, Manipal University conducted farm seminar at Hirebettu. 2. biodiversity - A bio-diverse garden is a happy garden. 3. plant science - Fall colors are running late this year, but it'll be worth the wait. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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