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Organic milk is cream of the crop at Galens Homestead Acres in Hopewell

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Organic milk is cream of the crop at Galens Homestead Acres in Hopewell

organic farming - For decades, Galens Homestead Acres in Hopewell, a small family farm ... “Organic farming comes with different challenges than conventional farms ...

“Millennials are largest organic consumers”

organic farming - Yet everything points to organic farming becoming the standard, it is not just ... Supermarket chains have not just discovered organic, they have also ...

This Woman Farmer from Maharashtra Grew 15 Crops in a Year Using the One-Acre Farming Model

organic farming - The participants went for an exposure visit to an organic farm in a place called Siddhagiri. There they witnessed a typical one-acre resilient agricultural ...

Brussels demands organic barricades

organic farming - Consumer groups say that organic farming is at stake while supermarkets are putting their best efforts to keep products labelled as organic from being ...


'People's biodiversity register' yet to get a push in Goa

biodiversity - The lackadaisical attitude by local self-governing bodies towards preparing 'people's biodiversity register' is taking a toll on state's rich biodiversity.

University of Reading research could protect wildlife from fracking

biodiversity - Their analysis shows 65 per cent of areas deemed suitable for shale gas extraction have high levels of biodiversity. Many of these areas are home to ...

Beetles Spark Heated Debate Between Traditional Taxonomists and DNA Bar Coders

biodiversity - This paper “highlights a truly fundamental difference in how they categorize biodiversity, such that their numbers and ours can differ by more than an ...

Gene Editing and Seed Stealing

biodiversity - Such Internet-facilitated exchanges of biodiversity would clearly be much harder to regulate. And, with gene sequencing becoming faster and cheaper ...

plant science

London's Kew celebrates the plants and botanical artists of Japan

plant science - The more we look, the more we notice in what we see. Flower painters help gardeners to notice more. They look closely and represent what a ...

October 17, 2016, Faculty Position in Plant Biology

plant science - POSITION: The School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University ( ... position in Plant Metabolic Biochemistry. Preference will be given to.

Georgia Southern University students tour Plant Vogtle for Nuclear Science Week

plant science - It's Nuclear Science Week and Plant Vogtle is showing students that there's a lot more to nuclear power than a degree in engineering. Joel Leopard ...

Metabolix (MBLX) Appoints Yield10 Bioscience Management Team; Updates on Cash Position ...

plant science - “Yield10 already has a distinctive record of accomplishment in plant science, particularly with multi-gene systems, and is well positioned to become a ...

Philadelphia's Prison System is Fighting Food Waste and Recidivism with an Organic Farm
1. Philadelphia's Prison System is Fighting Food Waste and Recidivism with an Organic Farm. 2. biodiversity - Zensar celebrates Udaan's fourth anniversary. 3. plant science - Ames Laboratory to receive $3 million to develop instrumentation to study plant cell walls DOE .... more ... ...

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Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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