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There is life after stroke

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There is life after stroke

organic farming - Having suffered a stroke in 2010 and losing her job as a flight attendant, the 42-year-old now has a thriving organic farming business in Sabeto, Nadi.

Bridging the Organic-Conventional Divide

organic farming - Bridging the Organic-Conventional Divide. Growers who can wisely blend organic and conventional farming methods will help sustainably feed a ...

Lawmakers And Farmers To Rally Against Organic Certification Of Hydroponics

organic farming - Participants in the rally, organized by the Northeast Organic Farming Association, will be trying to bring attention to the debate of whether or not ...

CDC Success Story: Finding peace through organic farming

organic farming - A Facebook post about their story and commitment to organic farming, a few postcards given out at the farmers market and word of mouth support ...


Professor for Animal Evolution and Biodiversity

biodiversity - Professor for Animal Evolution and Biodiversity (salary grade W3). to be filled permanently at the Johann-Friedrich-Blumenbach-Institute for Zoology ...

Minister's round table to improve forest biodiversity

biodiversity - In a discussion forum with an unprecendented range of participants, a common will and concrete ways to protect forest biodiversity in Finland are ...


biodiversity - Biodiversity Gallery. 繁體 · 简体 · Science Museum Home. Text Size : Smallest Text Size : Default Size Text Size : Largest. Leisure and Cultural ...

Biodiversity Can Save The Planet

biodiversity - On June 24th 2012, at the Charles Darwin Research Station on the Galapagos Islands, the lifeless body of Lonesome George, the last known ...

plant science

Ancient proteins shown to control plant growth

plant science - A UCLA-led international team of life scientists reports the discovery of mechanisms regulating plant growth that could provide new insights into how ...

Why Oregonians should vote yes on 98

plant science - As an agricultural science and technology teacher at Crater High School in ... medical biotechnology, veterinary medicine, plant science and more.

Tobacco plants engineered to manufacture high yields of malaria drug

plant science - "Plant and animal science are increasingly coming together," Kumar says. "In the near future, you will see more drugs produced inside plants will be ...

NSF awards $44 million for genomic research on range of plants, many economically important

plant science - To advance the basic science needed to improve agricultural practices, reduce demands on environmental resources, and address climate change ...

Yes on Question 3 promotes responsible farming (Letters)
1. Yes on Question 3 promotes responsible farming (Letters). 2. biodiversity - Biodiversity tour guide for drivers. 3. plant science - CropLife report highlights importance of crop protection and biotechnology. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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