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Sheep an Alternative to Mowing Cover Crops

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Sheep an Alternative to Mowing Cover Crops

organic farming - Canada thistle can be a huge problem on Montana organic farms. The more practices used against it, the better. “Grazing is not going to be the silver ...

Only 1% of Irish farms grow vegetables, the lowest in the EU

organic farming - The figures show that organic vegetable farming was practised on 2.5 % of EU farms, with 12.6 % of all certified organic farms growing organic fresh ...

Bajura women resort to vegetable farming to fight hunger

organic farming - They also provide training courses on organic farming, to grow healthy vegetables and to control diseases related to vegetables, Tolangi added.

PV Chamber announces annual honorees

organic farming - Editor's note: The Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture ... With a successful career in organic farming, Peixoto has made it a habit of ...


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biodiversity - Many studies have documented habitat cascades where two co-occurring habitat-forming species control biodiversity. However, more than two ...

​ Greens want Ambazari biodiversity park scrapped

biodiversity - Nagpur: City's wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers have demanded that the mega biodiversity park coming up at Ambazari forest be scrapped.

Grow forth and learn

biodiversity - Since the National Parks Board (NParks) introduced the Greening Schools for Biodiversity programme in 2014, 63 primary and secondary schools and ...

Millions of deep-sea hills have big effect on biodiversity

biodiversity - New research, published today in Progress in Oceanography by scientists at the NOC and the University of Southampton, show that deep-sea hills ...

plant science

Study Details Response of Insects to 74 Ornamental Plants

plant science - The authors of a study in the August 2016 issue of HortScience say that flowering ornamental plants have the potential to support beneficial insect ...

Turkish scientists discover two plant species

plant science - Two new plant species, growing only in Turkey, discovered as a part of ... Akdeniz University Science Faculty Biology Department Lecturer Professor ...

Molecular Evolution of Grass Stomata

plant science - Figure 1. Schematic Diagram of the Key Evolutionary Innovations of Plants. The geological history of Earth was adapted from The International ...

West Side School District to use donations to build greenhouse

plant science - “The students at West Side will be able to utilize the greenhouse to facilitate hands-on learning in plant and soil science, as well as provide fundraising ...

Farmers advised to embrace organic farming as way of addressing climate change
1. Farmers advised to embrace organic farming as way of addressing climate change. 2. biodiversity - NatureServe Welcomes New President & CEO. 3. plant science - What's in the soil?. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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