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Bulandshahr to push for organic farming, crack down on crop burning

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Bulandshahr to push for organic farming, crack down on crop burning

organic farming - Meerut: The Bulandshahr district administration will now urge farmers to take up organic farming and grow multiple crops on their fields, district ...

Don't Panic: a Townshippers guide to hitchhiking

organic farming - Once there, Banks said that she spent her summer working as a picker on organic fruit farms, getting from place to place in more or less the same way ...

Farming in a Cuban system

organic farming - When the Soviet Union dissolved in the 1990s, Cuban agriculture had to learn how ... The change in land use also gave rise to urban/organic farming.

Great things to do this Halloween

organic farming - There will be lots of activities and farm tours and, of course, plenty of ... cookery demonstrations or find out more about organic farming while taking a ...


Report reveals a big dependence on freshwater fish for global food security University of Wisconsin ...

biodiversity - Originally, McIntyre, Reidy Liermann and Ravenga set out to gather a better accounting of the role that fish biodiversity plays in the number of fish ...

Biodiversity conservation strategies and priority area analysis in China

biodiversity - Abstract : China is one of the 12 mega-biodiversity countries in the world. The main ecosystems in China include territorial ecosystems, such as forest, ...

Biodiversity hotspots are also hotspots of invasion

biodiversity - Li and colleagues' Research Communications paper “Risk of biological invasions is concentrated in biodiversity hotspots” appeared in the October ...

Researchers Find 'Center of the Center of Biodiversity' in the Philippines

biodiversity - "The Philippine archipelago is recognized as a globally significant conservation priority--a biodiversity hotspot," Brown said. "For example, 95 percent ...

plant science

Behind This Plant's Blue Leaves Lies a Weird Trick of Quantum Mechanics

plant science - A team of plant scientists led by Heather Whitney of the University of Bristol in the U.K. has just discovered the remarkable origin and purpose of the ...

With the familiar Cavendish banana in danger, can science help it survive?

plant science - Plant scientists, including us, are working out the genetics of wild banana varieties and banana pathogens as we try to prevent a Cavendish crash.

Goa launches scheme to boost organic farming in the state
1. Goa launches scheme to boost organic farming in the state. 2. biodiversity - PHL 'museums' of biodiversity, rich marine life must-see for luxury travelers. 3. plant science - Study Details Response of Insects to 74 Ornamental Plants. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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