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Yucatan News: Merida Keeps on Winning

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Yucatan News: Merida Keeps on Winning

organic farming - They were led by Jairo Restrepo Rivera, a world authority on the subject of organic farming who held the rapt attention of more than 700 producers, ...

Shocking Number of Top Retailers Sell Food Produced With Pesticides Toxic to Bees

organic farming - A coalition led by Friends of the Earth and more than 50 farmer, beekeeper, ... "Organic farms support 50 percent more pollinator species than ...

GM Mustard protests intensify: Congress, AAP, Left, JD-U & RSS join hands

organic farming - The protest saw representation from hundreds of farmers from 20 states ... Manch and farmers wing Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, besides Organic Farming ...

Report: Most Top Grocery Chains Fail on Pollinator Protection

organic farming - “To protect pollinators, we must eliminate pollinator-toxic pesticides from our farming systems and expand pollinator-friendly organic agriculture,” said ...


Chicago lecture cites threats to rich Verde Island marine life

biodiversity - 28 lecture, “Heart of Marine Biodiversity: Saving the Verde Island Passage.” The Coral Triangle includes the waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, the ...

New method of estimating biodiversity based on tree cover

biodiversity - Stanford researchers discovered that in agricultural areas of Costa Rica, increased tree cover corresponds with increases in biodiversity. Credit: David ...

Even 1 tree adds biodiversity to in-between areas

biodiversity - Protecting species in these in-between areas is a challenge because there's no way to measure biodiversity without time-consuming field surveys.

How tree cover can offer shortcut to estimating biodiversity

biodiversity - Current methods of measuring biodiversity require labor-intensive field research, but a study published Monday suggests there may be a simpler way.

plant science

New device enables you to grow your own food from plant cells

plant science - “The technology allows to grow plant cell material from a seed culture. Basically any living ... Independent science reporting, always spot on. Join ZME ...

Parasitic plants may form weapons out of genes stolen from hosts

plant science - Huitting Zhang, a Ph.D candidate at Penn State studying plant biology, examines samples of parasitic plants in the research team's laboratory.

Students Test the Depths of Their Soil Knowledge in Regional Contest

plant science - But many of these students competing will go into agricultural professions, like agronomy, animal science, or plant science. UNL Associate Professor ...

'Disastrous' planning approval to wipe out meat-eating rainbow plant: scientists

plant science - One of four remaining populations of the carnivorous "rainbow plant", ... most prominent scientists have called "disastrous" and "seriously flawed".

Bulandshahr to push for organic farming, crack down on crop burning
1. Bulandshahr to push for organic farming, crack down on crop burning. 2. biodiversity - Report reveals a big dependence on freshwater fish for global food security University of Wisconsin .... 3. plant science - Behind This Plant's Blue Leaves Lies a Weird Trick of Quantum Mechanics. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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