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Gum tree habitats in decline, study warns

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Gum tree habitats in decline, study warns

"This study demonstrates the importance of not simply counting the number of species in biodiversity conservation, but also considering their ...

“Environmental Cleanliness Ensures Protection of Biodiversity”

The Officer-in-Charge of Brufut Health Centre (BHC) has said that environmental cleanliness ensures the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, ...


TiBE, Trends in Biodiversity an Evolution, is an annual meeting organized by CIBIO-InBIO, which aims to bring together senior researchers, ...

Preserving the addax, a desert survivalist

The addax could be mistaken for a ghostly mirage in the Sahara Desert. But this antelope is perfectly adapted to survive harsh conditions there. Now ...

Pangolin SOS: A mini-dragon in need

They're small, scaly, and look like little dragons. Aside from inspiring two Pokemon characters, few people outside Asia and Africa have even heard of ...

Seminar on organic food and its genuinity organised by EDIC Gozo

Mr Mario Salerno, President of MOAM, spoke about the Principles of Organic Farming and the Food Genuinity. Mr Joe Sciberras, Vice President of ...

Mozambique: Society Must Help Prevent Crimes Against Biodiversity

Maputo — Mozambican Attorney-General Beatriz Buchili on Monday called for the involvement of all sectors of society “in order to adopt mechanisms ...

Voluntary certification standards have far to go, say experts

A comprehensive study of voluntary certification standards (VCS) finds that comprehensive protection and conservation of biodiversity has yet to be ...

Land use and biodiversity

Imperial carefully considers land use, biodiversity and ecosystem services in all aspects of our upstream operations, from new development planning ...


HAMISH ALLAN 'BIODIVERSITY' 30 X 30cm's for sale on Trade Me, New Zealand's #1 auction and classifieds website.

Eating organic in China

Organic farming is based on traditional, sustainable practices that have existed for millennia - sustainable farming in China has been recorded as long ...

Pune metro would threaten riverbank ecosystem: Report

The six-member committee has submitted its report to PMC, which in turn will be forwarding it to the Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board (MSBB).

New leader for organic, sustainable ag group
1. New leader for organic, sustainable ag group. 2. Organic Farm Product Sales Up 13% in 2015. 3. Haedicke receives federal grant to study Louisiana coastal restoration initiatives. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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