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Mosaic gypsum stack sink hole exposes a wrong

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Mosaic gypsum stack sink hole exposes a wrong

The irony is that organic farming is the type of farming we need to encourage. Organic farming feeds the soil. Phosphate farming feeds the plant.

Tainted milk, a death and the Feds drag midstate organic farm into a movement

The USDA inspectors arrived at Amos Miller's farm on a Monday morning in July, court order in hand and local police by their side. The order had ...

Biodiversity for Life

Bheki Sithole from Nkomazi District run a project titled Biodiversity for life, 160 Cubs, Scouts and Rovers were involved in the project. Nkomazi District ...

Coal mine 'side-steps' biodiversity concerns

But activists are angry that the Wambo United mine seeks to use the document to assess its biodiversity impacts before it has been released to the ...

There is something fishy about Atha-Africa's coal mining project

It covers an area of critical water and biodiversity importance, not only because it is composed mostly of wetlands, plants and endangered grassland ...

Salamander Ball fundraiser honors park's biodiversity

The biodiversity inventory conducted by DLIA is an ecological undertaking to find and document every species in Great Smoky Mountains National ...

Conference puts biodiversity, regeneration at heart of livestock farming

September 21, 2016, Penrith, Cumbria. Press Dispensary. The UK has fallen frighteningly close to the bottom of the world league table for biodiversity* ...

Commentary: Academy keeping tabs on Earth's biodiversity

But scientists, whose business is keeping track of biodiversity, have seen alarming changes in just a few decades - slow at first but now accelerating.

Wildlife activist to challenge Ken-Betwa river project in NGT

“What about the environmental impact and damage to the biodiversity in the whole biosphere reserve. How are authorities going to compensate the ...

Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard Launched at World Conservation Congress 2016

Dr. Healy Hamilton speaks at the Biodiversity Indicator Dashboard launch party at IUCN's World Conservation NatureServe was part of a collaboration ...

Few farmers make submissions on NSW biodiversity law reform

JUST 2 per cent of submissions about the NSW Government's proposed biodiversity reforms were received from those most likely to be affected by the ...

State of Nature Wales: Erosion of wildlife 'staggering'

RSPB Cymru biodiversity manager, and one of the report authors, Stephen Bladwell, said: "For the first time, we've been able to identify and quantify ...

Gum tree habitats in decline, study warns
1. Gum tree habitats in decline, study warns. 2. “Environmental Cleanliness Ensures Protection of Biodiversity”. 3. TiBE 2016 | TROPICAL BIODIVERSITY. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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