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organic farming - What These 8 'Healthy' Food Labels Really Mean

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organic farming

What These 8 'Healthy' Food Labels Really Mean

organic farming - Labels like “organic,” “fat-free,” or “natural” probably popped up first. ... Even though they're approved for use with organic farming, they're still ...

Worcester County Sheriff's Office farming program helps inmates, food pantries

organic farming - As a part of the jail's organic farming program, Ventolieri now has the skills that are going to help him get back on his feet when his sentence ends in ...

Take National Farming Trends to the Local Level

organic farming - Here are four trends to investigate for stories on local agriculture. ... Organic farms are unevenly spread over the U.S. with California leading by far.

Dairy farmers see organic label as a way to pay the bills

organic farming - In a last effort to save their farms from going under, some small farmers — including the Knapps — are trying a new tactic: making the switch to organic ...


Getting a snapshot of urban wildlife

biodiversity - Victor's supervisor, Dr Heiko Wittmer, says: "This project is one of many examples of how research conducted at Victoria aims to improve biodiversity ...

Remeasuring rewilding: why accurate reporting is vital

biodiversity - It can bring a wide range of benefits for people, and could be the boost that UK biodiversity – which has declined by almost 60 per cent since the ...

Sabah Will Remain As Training Ground For Biodiversity, Ecosystem Conservation - Sukarti

biodiversity - KOTA KINABALU, Sept 27 (Bernama) -- Sabah would continue to be a consistent international training ground for integrated biodiversity and ...

Fewer allergies in those who lived early life on a farm

biodiversity - Researchers in Australia designed a study to explore further the hypothesis that exposure to environmental or microbial biodiversity in early life might ...

plant science

Undergraduate Courses

plant science - Entry to undergraduate courses in Botany and Plant Science by Irish students is through the CAO route into general Science. Students who wish to ...

Plant Science Research Fellowships at Cambridge University

plant science - Plant Science Research Fellowships at Cambridge University ... The Department of Plant Sciences has exciting career development opportunities for ...


plant science - Genetic and Epigenetic Inheritance in Plants ... Synthetic Biology and Reprogramming of Plant Systems · Synthetic Biology ... Part II Plant Sciences.

Grant to fund research at Washington U, Penn

plant science - ST. LOUIS (AP) - A grant worth nearly $24 million from the National Science Foundation will fund a collaboration between Washington University in St.

organic farming - Kerala to write to Centre against GEAC plan to permit GM Mustard
1. organic farming - Kerala to write to Centre against GEAC plan to permit GM Mustard. 2. biodiversity - "We are regional producers, we protect our biodiversity". 3. plant science - NSF announces new Science and Technology Center. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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