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'People ask questions about our unorthodox lifestyle but it works for

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'People ask questions about our unorthodox lifestyle but it works for us and the children'

"I watched a video by Tiffany Cruikshank about detox yoga and was ... It was all about using yoga poses to 'rinse' and 'cleanse' internal organs such ...

Government receives over 600 research proposals for yoga and meditation programme

NEW DELHI: Government has received over 600 research proposals from scientists and academicians for conducting researches under its Science ...

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook

How many laptops have "military grade" in the features? Well, we know of at least one. Now, in this day and age, we don't always treat our military as ...

Yoga Guru Vijeth at Kurumba Maldives for a Yoga Week

Kurumba Maldives is pleased to announce the arrival of Yogi Vijeth, experienced Yoga therapist, teacher and Yogic counselor, for a week of Yoga ...

Local group helps cancer patients a touch at a time

Sharon Jeanneret's yoga students practice stress-reducing breathing techniques, as well as gentle stretches based on their individual abilities.

Live Well: Yin yoga can help with aging bodies

One way to do this is yin yoga. Yin is miles away from the moving and grooving of vinyasa flow yoga or the intense heat and humidity of Bikram.

Yoga for pregnancy: Things you must know

Yoga is as scientific as any other form of exercise and that is the reason one can depend on it to stay healthy during the most important time of your life ...

'Healing Through Mindfulness and Yoga' offered
1. 'Healing Through Mindfulness and Yoga' offered. 2. New fitness trend 'Rage Yoga' lets students drink beer, swear and listen to rock music. 3. Yoga Straps X2, Extra long 2.5m &Free Shipping. more ... ...

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Embodied Soul: yoga, tai-chi, mind-body, dance

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