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Yoga Mat Premium Exercise Mat

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Yoga Mat Premium Exercise Mat

With double sided non-slip surfaces, Good4All All-Purpose Premium exercise yoga mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent ...

Chloe Glover has a go at the bizarre practise of Laughter yoga

So perhaps it is no surprise that a wave of laughter yoga workshops are now taking place all over the UK, including in Huddersfield. Originating from ...

Yoga itself is both art and discipline

Surprisingly, yoga was everywhere at last weekend's Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival. From the artist-presenters to the patrons, young and old, ...

COMMUNITY: Hatha Yoga Classes

Yoga follows the path of Hatha yoga, which involves the practice of Asana (physical postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques), along with ...

The benefits of practising yoga outdoors

Yoga instructor Jennifer Greenwood is offering Take A Hike Yoga, outdoor yoga classes in the scenic outdoors of the North Okanagan, starting ...

Music, bike ride and community yoga part of Phuzz Phest 2016

The festival featured several events beyond the music performances, such as a Coffee Conference, community yoga in Bailey Park, a community bike ...

Sophie Monk's impressive yoga move almost proves costly

Sophie Monk's impressive yoga move almost proves costly as she almost knocks an expensive looking lamp off a table. Sophie Monk's impressive ...

Yoga guru Ramdev's eyes 'obesity management'
1. Yoga guru Ramdev's eyes 'obesity management'. 2. Kung Fu Yoga: After Jodhpur, Farah Khan to choreograph Jackie Chan's song in Beijing. 3. Rest more, eat less veg: Sadie Frost's surprising detox diary. more ... ...

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