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Second International Yoga Day will be a Mega Event

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Second International Yoga Day will be a Mega Event

Yoga which is about self acceptance and self discovery is 5,000 year old legacy from India. Yoga it is said integrates mind, body and soul. With the ...

Tata to enter wearable space with fitness trackers for Yoga enthusiasts: Report

A wearable aimed at yoga enthusiasts is pretty niche, but not unheard of. A company called Wearable Experiments created a pair of smart yoga pants ...

After salt and steel, Tata plans to make a yoga fitness tracker for India

From salt to steel and everything in between, India's storied Tata group has had a finger in many a pie. But with its newest gamble, the 148-year-old ...

Yoga May Ease Asthma Symptoms, Improve Quality of Life for Asthmatics

Yoga silhouette of a young couple on the beach at sunset. Asthma patients who often have trouble breathing can heave a sigh of relief as a new study ...

Yoga may help people fight asthma, finds worldwide study

Beijing: Yoga may have a beneficial effect on symptoms and quality of life in people with asthma, according to research conducted in India, Europe ...

Yoga can help suppress symptoms of Asthma and improve quality of life: study

Entire world is in awe of Yoga after seeing the benfits of the simple exercises. Now, scientists have given another reason to do yoga as it can help ...

Move over yoga, Baba Ramdev is the hottest FMCG trader in India

"I can ruin the Congress in a day if I choose to," Baba Ramdev boasted last month while responding to allegations that he was behind the political ...

Yoga may help ease asthma
1. Yoga may help ease asthma. 2. Yoga may relieve asthma symptoms and boost quality of life. 3. You don't have to be yoga picture perfect. more ... ...

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Embodied Soul: yoga, tai-chi, mind-body, dance

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