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Johnny Depp Starrer 'Yoga Hosers' Release Date Announced

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Johnny Depp Starrer 'Yoga Hosers' Release Date Announced

Invincible Pictures has announced the release date of “Yoga Hosers,” which is written and directed by Kevin Smith, 45. The upcoming comedy horror ...

Discover the punch in power yoga

Power Yoga. The term seemed intimidating for someone who is so inflexible, even moving my arm anti-clockwise is difficult. But then I thought why not ...

Yoga Classes Will Be A Must For All Officers In Delhi Police Station. A Good Initiative!

Yoga is the unsurpassed medium for relieving our stress and ensuring that we are healthy. Time and again, the benefits of yoga has been emphasized ...

ICSE, ISC schools to now have mandatory yoga classes, orders CISCE

The reason behind this order, according to CISCE's press release, is that yoga should be made a part of a healthy lifestyle and should not be ...

Hindus welcome George Mason University for "Community Yoga for Activists" program

Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada, called usage of multi-faceted yoga in the area of community and social justice as ...

Yoga to be made compulsory for Delhi cops

New Delhi: Delhi cops that often complains of high stress levels due to the demanding nature of the job is all set to conduct regular yoga classes soon ...

It's simple to work out at home with the help of online yoga tutorials

I WORK online. I shop online. I chat online. Now I practice yoga online too. This time last year, I went freelance and moved into a new apartment.

Bringing Yoga to the Park
1. Bringing Yoga to the Park. 2. The 7 Ways Yoga Can Heat Up Your Sex Life. 3. Timber Creek Convention Center to host International Yoga Day celebration. more ... ...

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