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'Dance Music, Power Ballads, and Sanskrit Chants': Getting High with R

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'Dance Music, Power Ballads, and Sanskrit Chants': Getting High with Rocket Yoga

Prepared for a workout that you literally have to bend over backwards for? Rocket yoga wants to take your flexibility to outer space—and beyond.

Understanding age reversal

Decline in cellular activity: In my previous column, Yoga: Introduction to Kayakalpa, we have understood ageing at the cellular level. It is observed that ...

Q & A with Sr. Infant Tresa, encouraging health and hope through yoga

Sr. Infant Tresa is both a Catholic nun and a yoga master. The 65-year-old manages two yoga centers in Kerala, a Christian stronghold in southern ...

Yoga guru TKV Desikachar passes away

Renowned Yoga Guru TKV Desikachar passed away on 8 August 2016 following a brief illness in Chennai. He was 78. He was known for ...

These 5 Types of Yoga Mats Transform Your Practice

Having the best yoga mat for your preferred style of yoga really makes a significant difference in the quality of your practice. The perfect yoga mat can ...

North Coogee, Hilton, East Fremantle: Life Now yoga program for cancer patients to being again

The organisation's Life Now program, which offers yoga, exercise and mindfulness classes specifically run to help people with cancer and their carers, ...

Yoga versus Pilates: The great debate

​Your physio raves about Pilates, but your running chum swears by yoga - sometimes knowing how to exercise can leave us in a bit of a pickle.

5 brutally honest reasons why I'm on a dating hiatus
1. 5 brutally honest reasons why I'm on a dating hiatus. 2. Winnipeg Yogis take their practice out on the lake. 3. The Yoga-Mat Chemical's Quiet Fast-Food Exit. more ... ...

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