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On the crest of adventure

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On the crest of adventure

Their sons have won prizes at the surfing competition held as part of the Covelong Point Classic Surf, Music, and Yoga Festival. This is the concluding ...

You Can Design A Happier Office Culture. Here's How

Holocomb thinks it's a good time to try yoga or general exercise, both of which gave study participants more energy directly following the activity—and ...

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Share Diet ...

She started the day with a yoga session offered twice daily in the prison's TV room; she'd do other workouts throughout her day, depending on the ...

Road to recovery: John Nelson

That day as I returned from the hospital after consulting my physician, my sister suggested that I follow Bikram Yoga which she had seen on the yellow ...

New Fairfield Women Offer Spiritual Connections At Holy Yoga Studio

NEW FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- Beverly Steiger, co-owner of Holy Yoga of Connecticut, considers her job not just a business, but a ministry. "Holy Yoga is ...

Using Yoga to deal with traumatized children

Last weekend, 15 girls, aged between 12 to 15 years from all over the occupied West Bank, have been assembled at a yoga-workshop in Beit Jala.

Lila Yoga Studio offers free week of yoga to help students destress

Owner of Lila Yoga Studio, Erica Kaufman, recognizes that students may appreciate a relaxing environment to escape the demanding start of the ...

Always The Sun 2016: Different zones to visit at the festival
1. Always The Sun 2016: Different zones to visit at the festival. 2. Young leader works to bring male role models to Matt Kelly Elementary School. 3. Alec Baldwin breaks a sweat weight lifting son Rafael into the air. more ... ...

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