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Yoga and tea sessions added at Daily Projects Coffee Bar

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Yoga and tea sessions added at Daily Projects Coffee Bar

You might catch a glimpse of some downward dogs as you're grabbing your lattes and pastries at a new coffee shop along the Randall Road corridor.

IFA 2016: Lenovo Yoga 910, Yoga Book launched with a keyboard that lets you draw on

Lenovo has kicked off things at IFA 2016 by announcing the Yoga Book which has a pressure-sensitive touchscreen keyboard. It has also launched ...

These Yoga, Exercise, and Meditation Apps Can Help You Shake That Stress

Americans, as many will admit, are perpetually overworked and invariably sedentary. Despite the endless options for getting in shape—gym ...

Acer announces new Predator gaming monitors with Tobii eye-tracking tech

At IFA 2016, Acer today announced three new Predator gaming monitors. All the below three monitors come with built-in Tobii eye-tracking technology ...

Lenovo announces Yoga 910 convertible Windows laptop

At IFA today, Lenovo announced Yoga 910, the successor to its popular Yoga 900 convertible laptop. It comes with a a 13.9-inch 4K display, ...

Lenovo announces revolutionary Yoga Book

At IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin today, Lenovo is announcing the new Yoga Book. The Yoga Book comes with a flat keyboard that can also ...

Acer's new gaming laptop comes with dual GTX 1080s and a curved display

At IFA today, Acer unveiled a handful of new Windows 10 devices. The company introduced a couple of new laptops and some products for gamers.

Yoga & meditation good for an individual: Ansari ?
1. Yoga & meditation good for an individual: Ansari ?. 2. Live Well: Yoga poses get positive. 3. Yep, There's a Yoga Diet and It May Be Even More Important Than All Those Down Dogs. more ... ...

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