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Detox your body and mind with this yoga routine

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Detox your body and mind with this yoga routine

(1 of 13) While nutrition is the most commonly associated method of detox, yoga – with its physical and mental benefits – can also be used.

Yoga and Beer returns at Goodwood

Yoga and Beer returns to Goodwood Brewing Co., 636 East Main St., in NuLu this month at a new day and time. Bring your yoga mat (and beer ...

Baby yoga: Helps children focus, stay calm and bond with parent

Jenny Holliday, yoga instructor, says, "Through those exercises they learn to 'hey, I don't have to scream and cry over this situation, I can take a deep ...

COLUMN: Yoga principles can help your ski technique

Let's make your skiing your new yoga style! In the past with old straight skis, skiing technique was complicated. We had to learn to steer by sliding our ...

'B&B' News: Linsey Godfrey's Adorable Daughter Aleda Learning Yoga From Mommy Video

The toddler is learning all about yoga from mommy. Linsey shares many adorable moments and photos with “B&B” fans on Twitter and Instagram.

Swedish woman Yoga Girl does yoga with a baby goat. Inspires us all.

Yes, we know yoga's meant to be good for our body and mind. But all that deep breathing and gentle movement does have a slight tendency to put us ...

Jennifer Aniston turns 47: Low carb diet and yoga workouts are fitness secrets

Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 47th birthday Feb. 11, said her anti-aging fitness, beauty and weight loss secrets are a low-carb diet and yoga ...

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 Review
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Embodied Soul: yoga, tai-chi, mind-body, dance

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