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Airport yoga trend continues to expand

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Airport yoga trend continues to expand

Next to measured walking paths and restaurant menus with tasty vegetarian and gluten-free options, yoga rooms are some of the healthiest amenities ...

Could YOGA help prevent you from Broken-heart syndrome?

Scientists now hope to study yoga and additional breathing and relaxation techniques to see how effective they are at preventing a possible initial or ...

Lenovo Yoga 900S

Uncompromising and thin, the Lenovo Yoga 900S is an exquisitely thin 12.5-inch hybrid laptop that doesn't skimp on USB 3.0 or a clicky trackpad.

Lenovo™ Launches YOGA 900S as World's Thinnest Convertible Laptop

We engineered the YOGA 900S to be beautifully slim and noticeably lighter than previous models at 12.8 mm and 999 g with a new carbon fiber ...

Lenovo's Yoga 900S makes the world's thinnest convertible laptop even thinner

Just three months ago, we shared word of the Lenovo Yoga 900, which trimmed down the build from the previous Yoga 3 Pro to draw the self-awarded ...

Lenovo's Yoga 900S sacrifices nothing to be thinner than the MacBook

Lenovo has introduced some incredibly thin and light laptops last year with the Yoga 900 and LaVie Z, respectively. This year, however, the ...

Lenovo Yoga 900S: The Thinnest Convertible in the World

yoga 900s front 675403 LAS VEGAS -- When it comes to laptops, there's a lot of people asking how thin is too thin? Well it seems Lenovo is on a quest ...

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro – CES Innovation Awards Honoree
1. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro – CES Innovation Awards Honoree. 2. India needs best quality Yoga teachers: PM Narendra Modi at INCOFYRA. 3. Yoga now global heritage: Modi. more ... ...

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