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Yoga improves balance, mobility for old people

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Yoga improves balance, mobility for old people

Yoga-based exercise programmes can improve mobility among people over age 60 and possibly help prevent falls by improving balance, according ...

Do pilates while enjoying the the Greek island of Lefkas

Based at Vassiliki Bay, it teaches yoga, Pilates and higher-energy exercise classes, such as body sculpt, in a cool tent when the sun's calmed down.

Yoga Fever opening in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich - A new hot yoga studio is opening in Grand Rapids, that's sure to help get you on track with your fitness goals. Yoga fever is a ...

What's happened to the Aussie holiday?

“A big trend we identified is yoga- fusion holidays where guests combine yoga with another interest such as yoga and spa to de-stress, yoga and ...

What's the new workout that the local YMCA was one of the first to bring to North America?

The In-Trinity class at the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, which combines yoga, pilates and martial arts while standing on an incline. Photo by Liz Engel, ...

Yoga, now inevitable for a stress-free life

Jan 16, 2016- Until some years ago, people especially in Nepal would perceive yoga as a practice undertaken only by yogis or the elderly. However ...

Hindus welcome yoga rooms at Frankfurt Airport

Hindus have applauded launching of two yoga rooms at Frankfurt Airport, a major international airport in Germany, calling it a step in the positive ...

Yoga Studio Frees the Nipple
1. Yoga Studio Frees the Nipple. 2. The coolest convertible. 3. Lenovo Yoga 500 (14 inch) review: A budget convertible. more ... ...

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