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5 Yoga Poses for More Restful Sleep

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5 Yoga Poses for More Restful Sleep

If stress is causing your sleep to suffer, yoga is a phenomenal way to help stimulate relaxation. Gentle body positions can soothe your mind and ...

Tropical retreat: surfing and yoga in Sri Lanka

When I asked Ed Templeton, co-founder of Soul & Surf, why there's a growing trend for healthy retreats combining surfing and yoga, he said they go ...

Initiate your kids to yoga and help them become more confident, strong, balanced and healthy

Each saturdays at Yoga Balance, 14h30-15h30, initiate your kids to yoga in a joyful and fun way. Each class is alive with magical journeys.

Seaside Retreat Offers Rejuvenation and Hope for 2016

After studying Sri Sri Yoga Annabel Broom decided to exchange a successful corporate career for teaching yoga to bring physical well-being to ...

Britney Spears 2016: Pop Princess Sexy Yoga Poses On Instagram

We already knew that Britney Spears could command a stage like no other, but who knew she could do the same to a yoga mat? The pop icon fueled ...

Beginners Yoga

Beginners Yoga. Uptown Body, January 23, 9:30 to 10:30 AM. No prior experience needed. www.yogacreations.com, $15 drop-in, 305 Dillingham ...

Yoga For Kids

Yoga For Kids Woods Hole Public Library. Free. Taught by Jill Gottfried, 45-minute session for kids ages 5 and up. Three sequential Saturdays starting ...

How to Get that Smell Out of Your Yoga Pants
1. How to Get that Smell Out of Your Yoga Pants. 2. Indian Embassy in Muscat hosts session on yoga. 3. Improve your well-being with Yoga in the Court.... more ... ...

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