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Kenyans join world in marking Yoga day

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Kenyans join world in marking Yoga day

“Yoga is not a religious practice, it is about bringing an individual's mind and body to harmony. It is a holistic approach to health and well being,” says ...

Looking For A High-Intensity Workout? Try This Yoga Routine

In the Udaya video above, yoga instructor Rudy Mettia takes you through a high-intensity sequence designed to double as a tough workout.

Fitting in your fitness

Ploeger is owner and lead instructor at Omcore Yoga on St. Simons; different variations of yoga keep her body lithe and limber and her mind the same.

Learning yoga art to teach others

IT was only at first that Information Technology (IT) expert, Kenneth Joram (fourth left), felt strange being the only man in the first batch of yoga Teacher ...

Mattoon Y to offer Mid-Day Yoga classes and more

At the Mattoon Area Family YMCA we are excited to announce another option for Yoga. The new calss is titled Mid-day Yoga. Yoga continues to be a ...

Hindu community lauds Fiji education ministry for launching yoga in schools

Hindus have commended Fiji Ministry of Education for reportedly including yoga in school curriculum. Calling it a step in the positive direction, ...

Lauding Fiji for launching yoga in schools, Hindus urge yoga in all Oceania schools

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, urged all countries and territories in Oceania to work towards formally introducing yoga as a ...

Yoga for Constipation: 5 Asanas That Can Help You
1. Yoga for Constipation: 5 Asanas That Can Help You. 2. Makerspace, yoga and author visit in store this.... 3. Case of man charged in death of Halifax yoga instructor due in court. more ... ...

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