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Combining body, mind, yoga and tai chi

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Combining body, mind, yoga and tai chi

The second International Day of Yoga last month saw about 500 locals on their yoga mats in downtown Jing'an Park, all led by Indian yoga master ...

I Tried Kundalini Yoga. Here's Everything You Need To Know

Kundalini yoga is all about tapping into your spiritual energy, raising awareness, and a whole lot of yogic breathing.

Best Yoga Instructor

Kendra Potter is the kind of yogi who offers ahimsa practice on nonviolence in honor of National Gun Safety Day and puts together deep midwinter ...

DoYogaWithMe: Yoga at Your Own Pace & Style

This is an interesting website for those who would like to do yoga at their own pace and style. It is the Web's best selection of high-quality, ...

Govt under 'pressure' to release Rs 45L to Yoga day organiser

Earlier, the department had a tentative budget of Rs 21 lakh for the Yoga day including Rs 11 lakh for training the NCC cadets across the state and Rs ...

Lucky Cat Cafe yoga review: Annerley cat haven offers yoga among the felines

As the humans eased into a downward dog pose and other contortions, the rotund cat slouched at the back of the room – underside on display, tail ...

Kaley Cuoco wears tiny hot pink shorts as she works up a sweat at her favourite yoga class in LA

Kaley Cuoco couldn't hide her smile while on her way to a yoga session in Studio City. The 30-year-old arrived to her Wednesday workout class with a ...

Kenyans join world in marking Yoga day
1. Kenyans join world in marking Yoga day. 2. Looking For A High-Intensity Workout? Try This Yoga Routine. 3. Fitting in your fitness. more ... ...

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Embodied Soul: yoga, tai-chi, mind-body, dance

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