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Yoga growing as treatment for addiction

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Yoga growing as treatment for addiction

Rebecca Dyer Burnett stretches both arms across her body to her back, like a hug. “I love you, self,” she says as she finishes demonstrating the yoga ...

Hot yoga is a hot new trend

Hot yoga is a fun, new spin on traditional yoga. It is regular studio yoga cranked up to 90-105 degrees. This new form of exercise is overtaking the ...

Best yoga studio: The Yoga Barn

Indeed, you'll leave The Yoga Barn feeling a bit lifted after a session in this rustic room, where New England — knotty pine floors, post-and-beam ...

Breast Cancer Coalition offers free yoga program

DANSVILLE – The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester will offer a free six-week “Gentle Yoga” session for breast cancer survivors and gynecologic ...

Indian couple give free yoga lessons to Timaru people

An Indian couple are sharing their passion for yoga by giving free classes to organisations around Timaru. Retired engineer Bharat Gupta, 67, and his ...

Yoga vigil held in honor of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

The event packed the entire heritage center with yoga mats. The event also collected donations for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Importance Pranayama in Yoga and its Benefits of Practicing

Yogic techniques are known to improve one's overall performance and work capacity.Yogic practices increase the secretion of Melatonin which in turn ...

Yoga with a View at Urban Coterie
1. Yoga with a View at Urban Coterie. 2. Children learn yoga moves at library. 3. Lenovo Yoga 900S may lack power, but it's slimmer and more compact than Yoga 900. more ... ...

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