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Silky Vietnam is Making a Big Step in Ethical Movement of Fashion Indu

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Silky Vietnam is Making a Big Step in Ethical Movement of Fashion Industry

Although Silky uses only the finest organic silk in its yoga wear, the average price point ranges from $55 to $105 per piece because there is no luxury ...

WATCH: How Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev Pulled Of A Beckham In Delhi

Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev kicks a football ahead of a charitable ... Yoga, politics, business, entertainment -- with the Baba having shown his ...

Gorgeous yoga girls didn't think their stretch session would end like THIS

A pair of flexible sisters found out the hard way, while attempting an ambitious tag-team yoga move in front of the camera. In amusing footage the pair ...

N.J. experts: 5 great choices for healthy living | Warr

Pickell is joining with Gail Seckrettar, a long-time Flemington yoga instructor, to hold a four-hour course "One Bite At A Time - A Journey into Mindful ...

Gentle breeze, relaxed muscles

LEOMINSTER -- Yoga enthusiasts were able to escape from the studio and stretch in the sunshine Saturday morning, thanks to a new outdoor yoga ...

This yoga move will ease you into wakefulness by limbering up your spine

YuMee Chung writes that the Seated Sun Salutation is a series of postures that are linked with breath. (Cole Burston / Toronto Star) | Order this photo.

NexGTv's Yoga app is useful in understanding the concept

Yoga as a form of exercise and mediation is practised by many, but the emphasis put by the National Democratic Alliance government has made it a ...

Sri Sathya Sai Yoga Sadhana 4 day Workshop
1. Sri Sathya Sai Yoga Sadhana 4 day Workshop. 2. Documentary traces Yoga's history, popularity. 3. 10 workouts to try for both body and mind by celebrity yoga teacher. more ... ...

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