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Yoga practitioners attempt Guinness Record

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Yoga practitioners attempt Guinness Record

Chennai: Efforts to promote yoga continue in the lead up to International Yoga Day and Mahayogam, an NGO, today kicked off a continuous 40-hour ...

Govt avoids last year's fracas, Vice President Hamid Ansari to inaugurate Yoga Day event

[REPRESENTATIONAL IMAGE] India's Vice-President, Hamid Ansari is likely to inaugurate the two-day International Conference on Yoga ( June ...

Yoga classes in English at the heart of Reykjavik

Bjarney Hinriksdóttir, known as Baddý, got hooked on yoga eight years ago and is now offering classes in English in a dance studio right next to the ...

Feeling the heat? Try this cooling yoga breathing exercise!

The weather is getting warmer which is great! Hot sunshine and happy people are always a bonus. Yet, packed public transport, busy roads and hectic ...

Strong winds disrupt evening programmes on Day 2 of yoga fest in Chandigarh

The stage of the yoga festival crashed after heavy storm disrupted the proceedings at Parade Ground in Sector 17, Chandigarh, on Friday. (Keshav ...

Call to youth to make yoga mass movement

All people, especially the youth, must participate in the International Day of Yoga celebrations in Chandigarh on June 21 in large numbers and make ...

Center Yourself: Breathe in the benefits of yoga!

Yoga is praised to be one of the best holistic disciplines. Skeptical? It turns out that research confirms the benefits of yoga are widespread. Beyond ...

A Yoga Flow That Works Your Legs and Butt
1. A Yoga Flow That Works Your Legs and Butt. 2. Yoga Cafes Across India: Following the Ancient Wisdom of Eating Right. 3. Mass yoga session on June 19 at Dataran Merdeka. more ... ...

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