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A day dedicated to yoga

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A day dedicated to yoga

Residents are invited to stretch their muscles, relax and possibly try something new later this month in support of International Yoga Day. Nationally ...

Teacher to perform 69-hour yoga for Guinness record

The existing record in this segment is held by a team in China, which had performed continuously for a little over 47 hours, the 45-year old yoga ...

Fitchburg yoga instructor pushes prayer, meditation for opioid addicts

Fred Bernard teaches a yoga class at the First Parish Unitarian Church on Main Street in Fitchburg on Tuesday night. SENTINEL & ENTERPRISE ...

International Yoga Day: Islamic school shows how yoga can help in taxing times of Ramadan

[REPRESENTATIONAL IMAGE] Students of Anjuman-e-Islam in Ahmedabad practice yoga 30 minutes every day and say that it helps them keep up ...

International Yoga Day special: Get fashionable by adding pop colours, graphic prints to your outfit

New Delhi: Get fashionably fit this International Day of Yoga as pop colours, graphic prints and hi-tech apparel will be your wardrobe must haves in ...

Yoga should not be imposed on anybody: Mizo Guv

Mizoram Governor Lt General Nirbhay Sharma today suggested that the the controversy over Yoga should be sorted out through dialogue and said no ...

Yoga should not be imposed on anybody: General Nirbhay Sharma

“Practice of Yoga should not be imposed on anybody and any one who wants to practice Yoga should do it voluntarily,” the Governor said. Expressing ...

How yoga can benefit cyclists
1. How yoga can benefit cyclists. 2. Yoga camp in Panchkula: Day after XEN's suspension, order taken back. 3. And, Breathe. Three Yoga Poses To Help Combat PMS. more ... ...

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Embodied Soul: yoga, tai-chi, mind-body, dance

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