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A Rhondda mum beat alcohol addiction to become a yoga teacher and auth

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A Rhondda mum beat alcohol addiction to become a yoga teacher and author

A Rhondda mum who beat addiction through yoga is now helping others to improve their lives. Esther Nagle from Pentre , is now the picture of health ...

International Yoga Day: Radio frequency tags to be issued for attendees in Chandigarh

Participants at the International Yoga Day event on June 21 in Chandigarh, to be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will be issued special ...

Euro 2016: Germany football team embraces yoga training for better fitness

With the International Yoga Day approaching on June 21, here's a piece of news that will make Germany football team fans, especially in India, sport a ...

Yoga and lotus position keeps Germany flexible at Euro 2016

EVIAN, France // In the macho world of international football, Germany have taken a more spiritual approach by employing a yoga teacher at Euro ...

Indian peacekeepers, UN diplomats to join Yoga Day celebration

India's Permanent Mission will organise on June 20 thefirst 'Conversation with Yoga Masters' that will "seek toenrich our collective understanding of ...

Chinese-origin yoga teacher to release music video 'Alive Forever' on Yoga Day

Chinese-origin renowned yoga teacher Wai Lana will release a new short film and music video 'Alive Forever' on the occasion of the second ...

International Yoga Day: Indian peacemakers to join the celebration

yoga day, international yoga day, yoga day, international day of yoga, june A special yoga day celebration will also be commemorated at the Kresge ...

A day dedicated to yoga
1. A day dedicated to yoga. 2. Teacher to perform 69-hour yoga for Guinness record. 3. Fitchburg yoga instructor pushes prayer, meditation for opioid addicts. more ... ...

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