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Farah Khan to choreograph song in Jackie Chan's 'Kung Fu Yoga'

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Farah Khan to choreograph song in Jackie Chan's 'Kung Fu Yoga'

Kung Fu Yoga is a part of the three-film agreement signed between India and China during Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to India last year.

Beach yoga and surfing retreat in Pembrokeshire is just the ticket for those who love alfresco exercise

The fitness company, which is based in Wales, is running a Surf & Yoga Weekend in Pembrokeshire this summer. The popular company, which ...

Christian parents freak out over yoga exercises at Georgia school: 'This is very scary'

Some parents at a Georgia elementary school are balking at yoga exercises they believe violate their Christian beliefs. Administrators at Bullard ...

tim miller yoga

“Deadpool” has been a blockbuster superhero movie, there is no doubt about that and the immense success of the first movie has left the fans wanting ...

Face Yoga - What The Heck Is It?

I was attempting face yoga for the first time at Shudehill's wellness and creative centre, The Wonder Inn, in a dark, candlelit room that was filling up ...

Scott Township woman specializes in teaching Kundalini yoga

Her answer, in part, is teaching Kundalini yoga, a discipline that combines meditation, mantras, physical exercises and breathing techniques to bring ...

Health Why Yoga is a Journey Best Shared

For many, the art of yoga is primarily a personal journey, an inner challenge taken to help strengthen one's body, mind, and spirit. However, thanks to ...

Open the hips with these simple yoga poses
1. Open the hips with these simple yoga poses. 2. Sexual assault victim who turned to yoga to 'heal' after the brutal attack tells how she is using the .... 3. 5 Reasons To Attend The Sat Nam Festival. more ... ...

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