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Seniors offer chair yoga

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Seniors offer chair yoga

Today, I want to tell you a little bit about our chair yoga classes. Chair yoga is the easiest way for a senior to get the benefits of exercise. Chair yoga is ...

As yoga rises in China, so does Lululemon

For a few years now, yoga-pants peddler Lululemon has had its eye on a big expansion into Asia and Europe. As it began opening stores, the ...

Why Justin Trudeau and other world leaders love a yoga pose

He appears to have the world's media in rapture daily, with the latest burst of Trudeaumania coming from his apparent prowess at yoga. A picture of ...

Years-old photo of Trudeau showing off yoga pose goes viral

A years-old photo that shows Prime Minister Justin Trudeau performing what looks like a yoga pose in an office on Parliament Hill has gone viral.

The Internet Can't Get Enough of Justin Trudeau's Gravity-Defying Yoga Pose

A 2013 photo of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau doing a yoga pose on a desk has resurfaced online in the last week. Two years ago, just ...

Hot Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Has INSANE Core Strength! Check Out This ...

Though it's not clear when or where the snap was originally taken, the photo got a second wind in a Facebook post by Canadian yoga teacher David ...

Atlanta teacher asks for help bringing yoga to the classroom

“Our students live in an economically depressed area and don't have access to meditation workshops or yoga classes,” media specialist Shanna Miles ...

Peasedown St John's Bev takes yoga to under the Northern lights
1. Peasedown St John's Bev takes yoga to under the Northern lights. 2. Nottingham teacher takes yoga class to the water with exercise that changed her life. 3. Elsa Pataky does yoga with pet pig Tina. more ... ...

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