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United Airlines aborts flight over passenger doing yoga, biting, shovi

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United Airlines aborts flight over passenger doing yoga, biting, shoving other travelers

A flight headed for Japan was forced to turn around and return to Hawaii when a violent passenger refused to stop doing yoga and sit in his seat.

Yoga, foreign languages & anecdotes: Viktor Bout marks 8yrs in US high-security prison

Avoiding depression and keeping in good shape are the key to survival in a top security American prison, says Russian businessman Viktor Bout, who ...

Mission 360 is a VOD platform for yoga, meditation, fitness classes

We all want to be in better shape, but the commitment of going to a gym or a yoga class can be costly and time-consuming. Mission 360 is looking to ...

The Internet found a way to improve on Justin Trudeau's impressive yoga photo

It's hard to top an image of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doing a "peacock pose," but the Internet will always find a way to deliver.

'Releasing Inner Child' workshop mixes yoga, improv

Yoga instructor Jazzy Wong will hold a workshop entitled “Releasing the Inner Child through Yoga and Improvisational Play" on Saturday at the Lotus ...

United Airlines Flight Turns Around Because Passenger Wouldn't Stop Doing Yoga

We're no strangers to the idea of one unruly passenger prompting a commercial flight to change course, but who would have ever thought someone ...

Plane Diverted When Pensioner Wouldn't Stop Doing Yoga And Threatened To Kill Passengers

A United Airlines flight had to be turned around after a pensioner started screaming at the crew and wanted to practise yoga instead of sitting in his ...

Seniors offer chair yoga
1. Seniors offer chair yoga. 2. As yoga rises in China, so does Lululemon. 3. Why Justin Trudeau and other world leaders love a yoga pose. more ... ...

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