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Laughter Day: Learn to do simple laughter yoga

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Laughter Day: Learn to do simple laughter yoga

Today, Laughter Day (First Sunday of May), which was founded by Laughter Yoga Guru, Dr. Madan Kataria to highlight the ability of laughter to ...

Dirty Yoga Mats Could Make You Rethink Your Hygiene

Yoga is a workout routine that countless people around the world enjoy. Whether you like to attend a class, do it with a buddy or practice in the comfort ...

'The break-up was quick, painful and aggressive and my world felt bleak'- Sile Seoige on how yoga ...

“Yoga has changed my life and for the better. ... The star revealed that yoga helped her grow and move past the most difficult few years of her life.

A weekend in the campo: Mountain-biking, yoga and feasting in stunning Subbetica

I KNEW it as soon as I put my iPhone into hibernation mode and tore off a hunk of bread with my bare hands. I had arrived in the campo. OLYMPUS ...

Síle Seoige says yoga and love changed her life

Síle Seoige has said she's in a happy place in her life thanks to taking up yoga and meeting her Garda boyfriend Damien O'Farrell. Over the last few ...

Class On The Grass: Free Yoga At NewBridge Bank Park In Greensboro

GREENSBORO -- It's time to trade in baseball bats for yoga mats! NewBridge Bank Park is hosting an event on Sunday that strays away from your ...

Practicing Yoga May Help Ease Asthma Symptoms, Claims New Study

MIAMI BEACH, FL - DECEMBER 10: Amy Steiner (C) leads a yoga class while dressed in Lululemon Athletica yoga clothes at the Green Monkey yoga ...

Johnny Depp Starrer 'Yoga Hosers' Release Date Announced
1. Johnny Depp Starrer 'Yoga Hosers' Release Date Announced. 2. Discover the punch in power yoga. 3. Yoga Classes Will Be A Must For All Officers In Delhi Police Station. A Good Initiative!. more ... ...

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Embodied Soul: yoga, tai-chi, mind-body, dance

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