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Yoga: Understanding pranayama Part 2

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Yoga: Understanding pranayama Part 2

Pranayama which was once translated as “breathing exercise” is now recognised by scientists throughout the world as a means of invigorating and ...

Yoga Burn System (HerYogaSecrets) Review - Does It Really Work?

(SI Newswire) Yoga Burn System (HerYogaSecrets) contains yoga poses that will strengthen a woman's core. Performing the basic yoga poses ...

Yoga Olympiad to be held on International Day of Yoga: HRD Ministry

In a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha, HRD minister Smriti Irani said the decision to hold the olympiad had been taken to promote Yoga ...

Evolve Paddle Board Company and Yoloha Yoga Reveal Their Collaborative Yoga Board

SUP yoga has seen a dramatic rise in popularity throughout the last few years. The makers of Evolve and Yoloha, both being aware of this boom ...

US schools using yoga to prevent misbehavior

Some schools in Osseo Area Schools and Saint Paul Public Schools in Minnesota are reportedly using yoga to head off misbehavior before it begins.

Bonnie Sveen shows off her toned midriff in crop top and tight leggings following yoga

Bonnie was looking trim and toned in a purple patterned crop top, and although she left the yoga studio with an orange towel around her waist, her ...

5 yoga poses to help you keep cool in the summer

The hot months are difficult to deal with, so activating this essential Chakra can help you beat the summer woes. Lipla Negi | Posted by Nikita. Lipla.

Laughter Day: Learn to do simple laughter yoga
1. Laughter Day: Learn to do simple laughter yoga. 2. Dirty Yoga Mats Could Make You Rethink Your Hygiene. 3. 'The break-up was quick, painful and aggressive and my world felt bleak'- Sile Seoige on how yoga .... more ... ...

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