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Raven Tower's Sunday Yoga Sessions Come Chopped and Screwed

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Raven Tower's Sunday Yoga Sessions Come Chopped and Screwed

Every week, Raven Tower and Black Swan Yoga are reinventing Sunday Funday with their “Plank then Drank” free yoga on Raven Tower's spacious ...

MHRDs order to make yoga compulsory in madrasas sparks controversy

In a bid to promote the practice of yoga, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD), sent a directive to their subsidiary organisation ...

Struggling to wake up? Try yoga

Kathryn Budig, an author, magazine contributor and advanced yoga teacher, said three quick, simple moves could make your mornings a little easier.

Top 3 Yoga Poses For An Easy Delivery

All this becomes easy once you are regular and religious with performing yoga and meditation. It has been proved by many researches also that the ...

Would your dog do this?

“The more the merrier, so if you can, please come and join us for dog yoga – or doga as we call it.” The current world record was set by 270 dogs and ...

International Veteran's Yoga Day, a National Streaming Yoga Event, Invites Participants to ...

Yoga for Men in partnership with Duskin & Stephens and the NAFC are proud sponsors of the first annual International Veteran's Yoga Day on May 27.

Yoga, meditation may reduce Alzheimer's risk: study

Yoga and meditation practise may help minimise the cognitive and emotional problems that often precede Alzheimer's disease, according to a new ...

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