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Indian Muslims angry over Yoga Day 'Om' chant proposal

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Indian Muslims angry over Yoga Day 'Om' chant proposal

The mass outdoor yoga session, to be held in June for its second year, is an initiative spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is seeking ...

After Outrage, AYUSH Ministry Says Chanting 'Om' On International Yoga Day Isn't Compulsory

The government had released a 'Common Yoga Protocol' which was meant for distribution in universities, schools and government offices.

Over 1000 people take part in India-China Yoga conference

Beijing, May 18 (PTI) Over 1,000 Chinese Yoga enthusiasts today participated in the India-China Yoga conference in the countrys Southwest Kunming ...

Beijing-New Delhi Yoga Conference opens in China

Over 1,000 Chinese yoga practitioners gathered for a group performance in Kunming city on Wednesday to open the China-India Yoga Conference.

Kirtan And Yoga Help Improve Memory, Fight Alzheimer's: Study

Washington: A three-month course in Yoga and meditation, particularly age-old Indian practice of Kirtan, may help boost memory and fight Alzheimer's ...

10 best Mallika Sherawat's hot yoga pics on Instagram

Trikonasana variation: Well the reason behind her glowing skin can be credited to this yoga pose. She posted saying 'Starting my day with yoga twist.'.

Chanting OM is not must on 'Yoga Day'

New Delhi : The AYUSH Ministry on Tuesday bent backwards to clarify that chanting of 'Om' and other Vedic mantras before the yoga session on ...

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1. Yoga in Colombo. 2. ARA: Looking for prenatal yoga classes in the Schenectady/Clifton. 3. Debate over Yoga Day protocol: Politicians oppose chanting 'Om', vedic mantras. more ... ...

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