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yoga - Yoga Wake Up will wake you with yoga and meditation you can do in bed

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Yoga Wake Up will wake you with yoga and meditation you can do in bed

yoga - Yoga Wake Up is a wellness app designed to ease you into your day gently by waking you up with either a meditation or a short yoga sequence – that ...

Enfield Brownies take part in yoga session for activity badge

yoga - Adventurous Brownie groups took part in their first yoga session in a bid to gain an activity badge last week. Members of the 16th and 27th Enfield ...

Yoga: Harness the mental energy – Part 3

yoga - Keep in mind, the science of yoga is about exploration. An intense session of asana (posture) or pranayama (breath regulation) just before the ...

The Modi effect: New dawn for yoga in tricity

yoga - Yoga teacher Vinod Bajaj of Sector 11, Panchkula, who has been practising at the Yavanika park since 1998, says: “Yoga regulars have always been ...


3 Unique Workouts to Ensure You Keep Your Beach-Body Year-Round

pilates - Based on the Lagree method, the low-impact, high-intensity workout is done on a Megaformer machine (think a souped-up version of a Pilates ...

New pilates classes launching in Uckfield

pilates - Joanna Barraclough who is launching pilates classes in Uckfield is pictured with members of one of her Framfield classes.

How a disgruntled employee turned her frustration into a health and wellness empire

pilates - ... is raking it in with a lifestyle business that turns over a combined $7 million a year, through a portfolio of KX Pilates studios and Nutrition Bar outlets.

Pilates for Charity! The Reeve Foundation

pilates - Join Endurance Pilates and Yoga for an all-levels Pilates class to benefit the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, an organization dedicated to ...

exercise for health

Ironman Triathletes Ride A Fine Line Between Healthy And Unhealthy Exercise

exercise for health - Scientists are still trying to understand exactly how it effects the body, but David Neiman, Professor of Health and Exercise Science, and Director of the ...

Exercise Help Release Hormone That Sheds, Prevents Fat

exercise for health - Everybody wants to be healthy, however not a lot is motivated to exercise. Maybe, this research led by a researcher from the University of Florida may ...

Why oldies must exercise

exercise for health - These are registered healthcare professionals who are trained to prescribe scientifically-based exercise programmes that are appropriate to an ...

Diet and exercise programme generates big benefits

exercise for health - A Galway programme focusing on diet and exercise which aims to prevent ... This has yielded benefits of €4.8m due to a variety of health changes.

yoga - Lenovo launches Yoga 710 and Yoga 510 in India; Are they worth your money?
1. yoga - Lenovo launches Yoga 710 and Yoga 510 in India; Are they worth your money?. 2. pilates - This Pilates Workout Will Strengthen Your Whole Body (And Mind). 3. exercise for health - Pedaling your dog to better health. more ... ...

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