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Yoga retreat for black women launched

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Yoga retreat for black women launched

WHEN ONE mentions the word yoga, it's probably fair to say that the images which quickly spring to mind are those of thin leotard-clad women or ...

Isha Yoga row: Parents complaining out of vested interests, says Jaggi Vasudev

On August 1, the parents had approached the District Collector for help alleging that their two daughters were being held captive by Isha Yoga centre ...

Seven common misconceptions about Yoga and the truth behind it

Yoga is ubiquitous these days! ... Yoga is about religion: Because of its emphasis on spiritual well-being, Yoga has been associated with religion.

Wacom's digital notepads take you halfway to a Yoga Book

One of the most interesting bits of tech at IFA this year has been the digital notepad feature of Lenovo's Yoga Book. Slip a pad of paper onto the touch ...

Yoga sale funds sex victims

A CONTROVERSIAL yoga group that was accused in the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse of raping and abusing young girls sold its Manly ...

Teresa Giudice flaunts cleavage and yoga-toned figure during beach day with daughters

Giudice said the limber, meditative practice helped her through her prison stint, and she plans on releasing her own yoga DVD and clothing collection.

So much to do ... This weekend you can try yoga, go skating or listen to bluegrass

Yoga: Enjoy an hour-long outdoor yoga session in the sculpture garden at the Joslyn Art Museum Sunday. The 10:30 a.m. yoga class is $5 and will ...

Lenovo Yoga Book tablet – IFA 2016 first look review
1. Lenovo Yoga Book tablet – IFA 2016 first look review. 2. Pool Yoga Is the Coolest Way to Stay Fit This Summer. 3. Bringing yoga to beginners and bigger bodies. more ... ...

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