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Satva Yoga

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Satva Yoga

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Businesses, venues grow with yoga flow

Photo by Naturally by Monni (Monni Must) Kacee Must, owner and founder of Citizen Yoga, said 2,000 people attended the first year of a yoga event at ...

CorePower Yoga opening a second studio in Baltimore

The upscale, yet mindful, yoga houses will open a second location in Baltimore at 3700 Toone St. on Brewers Hill next week. Two other studios — at ...

Shape the Booty of Your Dreams With This Yoga Flow

Yoga's benefits are undeniable—from a tighter core and toned arms and shoulders, to a mind-clearing effect that puts us in a better head space.

Practice Yoga With Elephants, Get Fit for 'Orange is the New Black' Stardom

The event raises money for breast cancer awareness, and allows participants the opportunity to pair up two classes, including Lyons Den Power Yoga, ...

International Peace Day observed in Sikkim.

Sikkim today observed the International Day of Peace through the theme of "Yoga for World Peace"in which enthusiastic school children participated.

Stroke survivor praises yoga's role in healing

Quenby Schuyler (far right) practices yoga at Prana Yoga Center in Geneva. Schuyler, who had a baby last year at the age of 34 and nine days later ...

Synaptics Natural ID Fingerprint Sensors Drive New Lenovo™ Yoga&
1. Synaptics Natural ID Fingerprint Sensors Drive New Lenovo™ Yoga&. 2. Yoga in acrobatic motion. 3. New classes in Worcester to help expectant mums relieve pelvic pain. more ... ...

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